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Saturday, May 21, 2022

iGOT - Mission Karmayogi


iGOT    -   Mission Karmayogi

  • The brainchild of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi


  •  iGOT stands for Integrated Government Online Training


  • Shift from Rule to Role basis with the indigenous competency framework - FRAC, linked to personnel successes 

  • For each Position in Government, FRAC defines the Roles, Activities, and Competencies needed by an individual for effective performance

  • FRAC stands for Framework for Roles Activities & Competencies 


  • Position: Designation + Location of an individual


  • Roles: Set of sequential activities carried out to complete a defined objective or outcome


  • Activity: Action is taken to contribute toward the successful completion of the objective /outcome

  • Competency: Combination of attitudes, skills, and knowledge req. for successful performance


  • Competencies  - 3 types

  1. Domain  - Skills and knowledge req. for a domain. Typically concentrated in a department, but maybe needed by others as well

          E.g. Railways operations, Maintenance, etc 

  1.   Behavioural - Values, strengths, and observable behaviours applicable across the govt.

            E.g. Problem solving, Ethics

  1. Functional  - Cross-cutting skills & knowledge needed to perform across domains and positions


E.g. Public Procurement, Project execution

Solution Hubs: 

  • Learning Hub: Competency building through suitable content / CBPs - Competency Building Products and assessments   


  • Discussion Hub:  Platform for query resolution - enabling the officials to benefit from the experience of the other. 


  • Networking Hub: To interact with the Experts who may be in a position to help solve a problem. 


  • Career Hub: Vacancy posts linked to the Competencies.  Right Candidate for Right Post.


  • Competency Hub: Repository of FRAC for all positions & Competency records for all staff. 


  • Events Hub: Synchronous interactive and peer learning 

Content Scoring Framework 

Content scoring


Instructional Method


Assessment design


Competency & Skills


Diversity & Inclusion


Learner engagement


Learner support




Key Statistics

  • More than 90 MDOs ( Ministries, Departments & Organizations) 

  • 2 Crore Government employees ( Central, State, and Local Government) 


  • 46 Lakhs Central Government employees   ( Railways - 13 Lakhs) 


Key Takeaways  (for MCQ) 

  1. DOPT stands for Department Of Personnel & Training 

  2. NPCSCB stands for National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building 

  3. iGOT stands for Integrated Online Government Training 

  4. FRAC stands for Framework for Roles Activities & Competencies 

  5. SPV stands for Special Purpose Vehicle

  6. SPV is Karmayogi Bharat 

  7. e HRMS stands for Electronic Human Resource Management

  8. ISTM stands for Institute of Secretariat Training & Management  - Premier Central Training Institue under DOPT 

  9. CBC stands for Capacity Building Commission 

  10. CBC Chairperson  - Shri Adil Zainulbhai 

  11. IBRD/World Bank Loan for Mission Karmayogi Project  - 47 Million Dollars (Rs.365 Crores)   - Final maturity of -11 years with a grace period of 4.5 years 

  12. MDOs stand for Ministries, Departments & Organizations

  13. CBP  - Capacity Building Products