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Friday, December 28, 2018

Umbrella Works - Most important question

(Most Important question)

«  What is Umbrella works ?  

«  Answer: To brought similar works at different locations  under one umbrella and approved as a Single work at Railway Board level.

«  The concept of Umbrella works is introduced in the year 2018-19

«  Objects:

ü  Flexibility to sanction works throughout the year  

ü  Channelize the Railway Investments in identified focus areas 

«   Umbrella works - two types:

                                 i.            Umbrella works  belongs to one Zonal Railway

                                ii.            Umbrella works  belongs to more than one Zonal Railway.

«  Umbrella works under plan head 11, 14 , 15 , 31 and 35 - will be finalized by Ministry of Railways. Upon receipt of communication from railway board zonal Railways will prepare DPR finally approved works will be appearing as itemized works in the next year pink book if formally sanctioned or with '#' if sanction to be obtained.

«  For other planheads and for works spreading over more than one zonal Railway, Addl.member member/ PED will be the nodal directorate and will distribute the total cost and outlay provided in the book against umbrella on need basis to each zonal railway.

«  Ist phase - 80% of cost of Umbrella work - Approved by GM.

«  2nd Phase - Additional 20% cost of Umbrella work shall be approved by General Manager throughout the year as the need arises with the prior approval of Board.

«  GM can sanction upto Rs50 crores and if DPR exceeds more than Rs50 crores the same shall be sent to Rly board for its sanction. Initially general manager can sanction up to 80% of the umbrella cost.

«  Various works sanctioned under umbrella works, called sub- works of particular umbrella and shall be shown separately in LAW book.

«  Detailed estimate will be sanctioned for each individual work separately under an umbrella work.

«  The division-wise distribution of both above umbrella funds will be decided at zonal headquarters.
2019-20 Works Programme specifies

1.      The new works shall be sanctioned merely as Umbrella work.

2.      The name and cost of Umbrella work under different Plan  Heads shall be decided jointly by the Executive Directors of Nodal directorate  in consultation with associate directorates and associate finance directorate in Railway Board Office.


1.      Umbrella works entails Zero Based Budgeting indirectly in real terms

2.      Utilise the investments in identified areas

3.      Gives flexibility to Zonal Railways to prioritise the works.