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Monday, May 2, 2022

E Auction & Asset Management of Commercial Earning Contracts or NFR Non Fare Revenue

Commercial Earning Contracts – NFR Non-Fare Revenue – 

E Auction & Asset Management

M.Nageswara Rao 9492432160

Source: Railway Board Letter No. 2022/TC(FM)/10/04 dated 11.04.2022

Salient features: 

  • Pilot Project – 13 Divisions in IR

  • Introduced E Auction instead of Tendering system

  • Through IREPS

  • Tender Committee not required

  • Asset creation by Asset holder

  • Auction catalogues – Published on IREPS in public domain

  • Eligibility criteria is Financial Turnover (Self declaration & documents uploaded by bidders)

  • Bidders’ identity masked. Only H1 rate will be visible.

  • Auto decision – On the spot award to H1, if rate is equal to or more than RP.

  •  Minimum Notice period – 12 days

  • Standard Conditions of Contract issued by Railway Board. 

Financial Turn Over:  

  • Eligibility criteria for Commercial Earning Contracts through E Auction. 

  • Verification of Turn Over Certificates – done after awarding Contract to H1

  • Self-Declaration plus Documents uploaded by the Bidders

Auto Extension: 

  • Every 2 minutes

  • If any fresh bid received within last 2 minutes

  • Maximum – 10 times

RP Reserve Price:

  • Fixed by ACO – Auction Conducting Officer

  • Not to be disclosed to the Bidders.

  • Vetting not required. 


  • 5 % 

  • Instant deduction of 5 % of EMD of H1. 

  • No blockage of EMD of other Bidders

  • Forfeiture of EMD in case of wrong declaration of Financial Turnover.

ACO – Auction Conducting Officer

  • JAG or Sr. Scale (Independent charge), if JAG is not available.

  • For encryption of RP – Reserve Price 

  • RP fixed by ACO and to be kept confidential 


Bidders pre requisites

  • DSC – Digital Signing Certificate

  • One time registration in IREPS

  • Online payment of Rs.10000 towards one time registration

  • Having Current Bank Account in SBI – State Bank of India

  • Lien marking funds – for EMD 

  • Updating Financial Turnover details in IREPS


  1. Prevention of Assets idling

  2. Increased competition

  3. Removal of entry barriers

  4. Reduction in cycle time for placement of Contracts

  5. Elimination of pilferages in payments

  6. Unique code for each Asset to prevent duplication

  7. Linkage of Asset code ID with Auction lots

  8. System generated Bid Sheet and Contract

  9. Contract can be placed within 15 days from the awarding the Contract.  

Examples of Commercial Assets to be auctioned:

  1. Parcel category - SLR Compartments, Parcel Vans

  2. Parking category – Premium, Radio Taxi, Access Controlled, Two-wheeler, Four-wheeler and Mixed

  3. Advertising - Out of Home.  


Monday, September 6, 2021

NFR - Non Fare Revenue, NINFRIS, Earning Contracts & Earnings Vs Revenue


NFR  - Non Fare Revenue, NINFRIS, Earning Contracts & Earnings Vs Revenue


NFR - Non Fare Revenue

·         Part of Sundry Earnings


·         NFR  - Income from various sources excluding Passenger & Goods Earnings


·         NFR consists of


1.    Advertisement on Rolling Stock, Railway Bridges, Circulating area of Stations, inside the Stations & other Assets

2.    Setting up of ATM and other stalls at Railway Stations

3.    Digital Content on Trains and Platforms


5.    infotainment systems

6.    Any other innovative ideas

·         Concept – 2010-11 year


·         Different policies by Railway Board


1.    OOH - Out Of Home - Railway estate areas & Outside Railway Stations

2.    Mobile Assets - Display in interiors & exterior of Coaches (Vinyl wrapping), Freight wagons (Vinyl wrapping / P.U paint), Locomotives (P.U paint).

3.    RDN - Rail Display Network - Advertisements through digital screens at Stations

4.    Unsolicited NFR proposals - Proposals received from proponent like Similar to Swiss Challenge Method

5.    NINFRIS - New, Innovative Non Fare Revenue Ideas Scheme


·         NFR Directorate – 2014 year


·         NFR policy switched from Centralized governance (Railway Board) to Decentralizing (Divisions) in the year 2018


·         Earnings contracts period is reduced from 5 to 10 years to 3 to 5 years


·         Trains will be allotted without tendering system to Central & State Government Departments and Agencies including PSUs for advertising on exteriors of various Trains.

·         Scheme Offers Fixed Rate of: Rs.25 Lakhs per year per Rake for Local Trains / Short Distance Trains EMU/DMU/MEMU. and Rs.50 Lakhs per year per Rake for other Coaching Trains.

·         Telangana Express allotted to M/s Singareni Collieries Corporation Limited on Lumpsum rates @ Rs 50 Lakhs per annum.


·         NFR Target for 10 years is Rs.15000 Crores (Rs. 1500 Crores per year)


·         But 2018-19 year NFR is Rs. 33 Crores (against target of Rs. 1200 Crores)


·         Share of Sundry Earnings



Indian Railways

World wide

Sundry Earnings share

8 %

15 to 20 %


Examples of NFR

1.    Handloom stalls

2.    Health Kiosks

3.    Fish spa

4.    Massaging Chairs

5.    Branding of staircases in Stations

6.    Pre-shooted videos  at Railway premises

7.    Branding of Lifts & Escalators

















NI-NFR-IS  - New, Innovative Non Fare Revenue Ideas Scheme


·         New scheme - to increase Non Fare Revenue


·         Announced by Ministry of Railways in 2018. 


·         Object: Promote new ideas and concepts for enhancement of NFR (Non Fare Revenue) and improve passenger convenience on IR


·         To classify an idea/concept as innovative - a similar proposal should not have been implemented on the concerned Division before.


·         Replication - Divisions are encouraged to report success of such ideas and give wide publicity for possible replication across Indian Railways. 

Salient features:

ü  At Divisional level

ü  DRM – Divisional Railway manager -Full powers.

ü  Nodal Officer – Branch officer of Commercial Dept (Sr.DCM / DCM)

ü  Committee of Branch Officers of Commercial Dept, Finance Dept and Dept holding the assets to be used scrutinizes the proposals received and recommended to DRM for approval.

ü  Terms & conditions of the Agreement are accepted by the such committee with the approval of DRM

ü   Savings in expenditure if any, is added notionally as “deemed earnings” for the purpose of evaluation of project.

ü  Token non Refundable application fees Rs. 1000 – should be accompanied to each proposal.  Object of levying such fees is to avoid non serious ideas/concepts.

ü  Based on the importance of the proposal, DRMs are authorize to decide the EMD – Earnest Money Deposit of not less than Rupees 10,000 /-

ü  Projects may be executed directly by the Divisions using their own manpower or through any Railway PSU or outside agencies such as NGO – Non Governmental Organisation, SHG – Self Help Group, Cooperative society etc.

ü  Period – One year or part there of.   Can be extended beyond one year with the approval of DRM. If Extended, Licence fees for extended period may be decided depending on the realization of the earnings of the Project.


·         Should not be political or religious in nature.


·         No permanent structure should be constructed


·         Not violating the norms of aesthetics, environmental concerns, decongestion, safety and security, free movement of passengers, sanitation standards, temporary structures, fire, safety etc as prescribed under Railway rules.

























Earning Contracts


Simplification of Earnings Contracts (except Parcels & Catering)

Tender Amount

Tender Committee

Up to Rs. 50 Lakhs

No T C. Direct Acceptance by

SG/JAG/Sr.Scale  (Independent charge)

 – subject to conditions

Rs. 50 Lakhs to Rs. 2 Crores

2 Member TC ( Comml& Finance)

Rs. 2 Crores and above

3 Member TC (Comml, Finance & User dept)



Contract Amount

TAA – Tender Acceptance Authority

Up to Rs. 5 Crores


Rs. 5 to Rs. 10 Crores


Rs. 10 Crores to Rs.100 Crores


Rs. 100 Crores and above



Extension of Contract


6 Months (2 spells of 3 months each)


Above 6 Months (Concurrence required)




Direct Acceptance – Earnings Contracts

ü  Constituting the Tender Committee is not required for awarding of the Earning Contracts up to Rs. 50 Lakhs by SG or JAG or Sr.Scale (Independent charge)


ü  Earning contracts are finalized expeditiously without prolonged Tender Committee Proceedings thereby avoiding loss of Revenue to Railways.


Requisites of Direct Acceptance of Tenders

ü  By SG or JAG or Sr.Scale Officers(Independent charge)

ü  Up to value Rs. 50 Lakhs

ü  Tender Committee not required

ü  Tenders through IREPS only

ü  Tendering through E-Tender i.e., IREPS and Open Tender mode only

ü  Minimum Notice Period – 21 days

ü  H 1 cannot be bypassed

ü  Negotiations if any, with H 1 only

ü  Reasonable Speaking Order by TAA – Tender Accepting Authority (about Tender evaluation & Acceptance)

ü  LOA  - Letter Of Award/Acceptance should be vetted by Finance (Object is to comply the above requisites or not)

Earnings Vs Revenue

In Indian Railways, we use normally the word Earnings instead of Revenue.  Now we will check the difference between the two and is it correct to use the word Revenue in place of Earnings or not. 


Revenue minus Expenditure is equal to Earnings.


The difference between revenue and earnings is that while revenue tracks the total amount of money made in sales, earnings reflect the portion of the revenue the company keeps in profit after every expense is paid.


So Using the word Earnings so far in lieu of Revenue is incorrect.  Because Earnings means profits/surplus after deducting the expenditure from Revenue.  


So, here after


Abstract X -  Coaching Revenue


Abstract Y  -  Goods Revenue


Abstract Z - Sundry Revenue


It is high time to modify the Revised Accounting Classification in Finance Code Volume Two accordingly.









Key Takeaways

1.    NFR stands for Non Fare Revenue


2.    NFR is part of Sundry Earnings / Revenue


3.    NI NFR IS  stands for New Innovative Non Fare Revenue Ideas Scheme


4.    NINFRIS Introduced in 2018


5.    NINFRIS is part of NFR


6.    Divisional Level  (Previously NFR at Railway Board level)


7.    NINFRIS - Non Refundable Application fees – Rs. 1000


8.    NINFRIS - EMD – Not less than Rs. 10000


9.    NINFRIS - DRM – Full powers


10. NINFRIS - Period – One year or part there of  


11. Earning Contracts - Direct Acceptance - up to Rs. 50 Lakhs ( Tender Committee is not required)


12. NFR Directorate at Railway Board - 2014 year


13. Earnings contracts period is reduced from 5 to 10 years to 3 to 5 years













1. NFR - Non Fare Revenue is ______ 

  1. Part of Sundry Earnings / Revenue
  2. Excluding of Sundry Earnings / Revenue
  3. Part of Other Coaching Earnings / Revenue
  4. Separate component of Earnings / Revenue

2.NINFRIS stands for ____________ 

  1. New Indian Non Fare Revenue Ideas Scheme
  2. New Innovative Non Fare Revenue Ideas System
  3. Novel Innovative Non Fare Revenue Ideas Scheme
  4. New Innovative Non Fare Revenue Ideas Scheme

3.NINFRIS introduced in the year______

  1. 2020
  2. 2019
  3. 2018
  4. 2014

4.NFR Directorate at Railway Board ________________

  1. 2014 year
  2. 2018 year
  3. 2020 year
  4. 2016 year

5.Earnings contracts period is reduced from 5 to 10 years to ___________

  1. 3 to 5 years
  2. 2 to 8 years
  3. 1 to 5 years
  4. 4 to 8 years

6.Earning Contracts - Direct Acceptance - ________ ( Tender Committee is not required) 

  1. up to Rs. 1 Crore
  2. up to Rs. 5 Crore
  3. up to Rs. 2 Crore
  4. up to Rs. 50 Lakhs

7.TAA - Tender Acceptance Authority for Earning Contracts for valuing Rs. 100 Crores and above is __________ 

  1. Railway Board
  2. GM
  3. DRM
  4. PCCM

8.Up to Rs. 50 Lakhs, Direct Acceptance of Earning Tenders by the Officer of ________ (subject to certain conditions) 

  1. Selection Grade (SG)
  2. Junior Administration Grade (JAG)
  3. Senior Scale (Independent Charge)
  4. All the above

9.In case of Direct acceptance of Tenders, vetting of LOA - Letter Of Acceptance / Award is ______ 

  1. Required
  2. Not required

10.Non Refundable application fees in respect of NINFRIS is ________ 

  1. Rs. 1000
  2. Rs. 10000
  3. Rs. 20000
  4. Rs. 2000





1.     A

2.     D

3.     C

4.     A

5.     A

6.     D

7.     D

8.     D

9.     A

10.  A