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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Line Capacity Works

Line Capacity Works

(Most important question for General Expenditure - many times asked in exams)

v  Line Capacity means  - " The number of trains that can be run on a section in 24 hours."

v  Line Capacity Works means - "The works which are designed and provided in order to improve the Operating performance or to add to the Capacity of the Line."

v  Saturation means - " When a Section reaches 80 % of the utilization of Line Capacity, it is treated as reaching to 'Saturation'.

v  Methods - Increasing Line Capacity :-

1.       Proposals for New Marshalling yards or Major yard remodeling of the existing marshaling yards, Goods terminals and Transit yards etc should be preceded by the WORK STUDY.

2.       The existing capacity should be properly evaluated by preparation of Master charts for "Doublings, Multiple tracking schemes and Gauge conversion schemes."

3.       In the case of Passenger terminals : - Occupation charts of the platform lines, washing & stabling lines etc should be prepared and analyzed.

4.       In the case of Goods yards and Marshalling yards etc: - The capacity should be worked out in terms of average detention of trains etc.

5.       The optimum capacity with the existing facilities should first be worked out.  Thereafter, based on the projections of traffic, the gap in the availability of the capacity and likely requirement should be identified and alternative solutions to create requisite capacity in phased manner should be considered.

v  The following alternatives will be considered.

1.       By having improved speeds
2.       By having heavier/longer trains
3.       By having change of traction (from Diesel to Traction)
4.       Provision of Additional crossing stations
5.       Token less block working etc
v  After explore of above possibilities, still there is a gap in the availability of capacity and likely requirement cannot be abridged, the alternatives of "Path doubling in suitable phases" or "Introduction of CTC " should be considered.

v  The Line Capacity works will enable the Railway Administration to improve the operation as and when needed.

v  As transport facilities are to be created in a phased manner, the Line Capacity works were programmed annually and included in the "Works Programme".