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Thursday, October 5, 2023

OTA - Over Time Allowance - Workshops and Otherthan Workshops


OTA - Over Time Allowance - Other than Workshops

  • What is the Over Time Allowance  - When the staff is required to work extra hours they will be compensated by payment of Over Time Allowance. 


  • OTA stands for Over Time Allowance 


  • The ordinary rate of pay means Basic Pay + DA


  • The ordinary rate of pay means Basic Pay + DA + 30% of basic pay in the case of Running Staff.

                               OT Work  - No of times of Ordinary Rate of Pay 

Over Time Work done

No of times of Ordinary Rate of Pay

Between the limits of Roster Hours & the Statutory limit

1 ½ times

Beyond the Statutory limit

2 times


OTA - Principles of Averaging - Applicable to: 

  1. Running Staff 

  2. Operating Staff 

  3. Shift workers 

  4. Workers whose work is connected with the work of the above 3 categories  


Principles of Averaging:  

Categories / Averaging

Not applicable

1 week

2 weeks

  1. Office clerks

  2. Erstwhile Group D staff in Offices (excluding Station & Shed staff) 

  3. Trackmen (Eng. Dept) 

  4. Works staff (Eng. Dept) 

  5. Store staff (excluding Store van clerks)

Other Essentially Intermittent

  1. Intensive 

  2. Continuous

  3. Essentially Intermittent (Gateman, Caretakers, Saloon Attendants etc)

  • Rest Days - OTA not eligible 


  • Rest Days - Beyond Roster hours - OTA is eligible.  


  • For foregoing the Rest, they are eligible for CR (Compensatory Rest)  


  • The hourly rate of OTA will be worked out on the basis of roster hours over the relevant averaging period as under: 

Hourly rate of pay for staff governed by Averaging Principal =

      Period of averaging

No. of roster hours of work in the averaging period


1/30 of the monthly ordinary rate of pay

Hourly rate of pay for those not governed by Averaging Principal =


No. of daily roster hours of work


1/30 of the monthly ordinary rate of pay


OTA - Over Time Allowance - Workshops  

  • Sources: 1. Chapter 3 of Rolling Stock Code (Paras 325 to 329)  2. Section 59 of the Factories Act, 1948 


  • OTA stands for Over Time Allowance


  • Avoid OT: Ensure the Outturn, by Long-term planning and day-to-day activity planning in Workshops.   


  • OT booked - Very exceptional and urgent circumstances only. That too after exploring the possibility of rescheduling jobs that are urgent ahead of those not so urgent.  


  • Workers in OT - Should also “Punch in and Punch out” in the GA system (Gate Attendance system) 


  • No OT - Sections where Incentive schemes exist 


  • Prior Sanction of CWM (Chief Works Manager) is required to book OT 


  • OT Requisition - M 326 - Two copies.  One copy to Time Office.  Second copy to Accounts office. 


  • The number of OT hours booked with reasons - Put up to HOD/PHOD at Hqrs for approval.  


  • OT worked in One week should not be counted against ‘Short’ time worked in another week.  


  • OT Booking - under the supervision of not less than JE (Junior Engineer)  


  • OT Booking - Not for less than Half an Hour. 

  • OT Calculation -  Daily basis or Weekly basis 

  • OTA - 2 times the Ordinary Rate of Wages 


  • OTA - Single Rate - For staff sent out from the Workshop on duty.  Since DA (Daily Allowance) and OTA are given for different set of conditions, both these types of payment should be made provided the conditions prescribed are satisfied in each case  

  • Ordinary Rate of Wages:  

Includes: 1. Wages 2. DA 3. HRA 4. Cash equivalent of the benefits i.e., concessional sale to workers of food grains & other articles 


Excludes: 1. Bonus


  • OT eligible -  1. More than 9 hours in a day   2. More than 48 hours in a week.  


  • OTA - Supervisory staff eligible  

  • OT Calculation - Rounding Off 

  • Less than 30 minutes - ignored 

  • 30 minutes to 60 minutes - counted as an Hour.  


  • OTA - No of hours worked beyond shop hours x 1/208th of Pay + DA