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Saturday, December 31, 2022

Probation in Indian Railways


Probation in Indian Railways

  • What is Probation ?  A process of testing or observing the character or abilities of a person who is new to a role or job.

  • A person appointed in Railways will be on probation till he is assessed suitable for Railway service. 

  • Probationers who are assessed un-suitable for Railway service should be discharged from service immediately.

  • If Recruitment rules do not prescribe any probation period, such a person should be confirmed in service with immediate effect.

  • Probation period on Direct Recruitment and promotion from one Group to other Group is as under: 






Direct Recruitment to the post in Level 12 and above and to the posts for which maximum age  limit is 35 years and no initial training is required

1 year


Direct Recruitment to other posts

2 years


Promotion from one Group to other Group

2 years

  • Probationers will be given the opportunity to work in different fields under different officers to gain practical experience during the probation period.

  • Field officers should carefully assess the performance of the probationer, his outlook, character and aptitude towards learning etc and give their individual reports. 

  • Field officers reports are in addition to Annual Confidential Reports (APAR - Annual Performance Appraisal Report)

  •  The probation report will be reviewed by a committee of senior officers and give their recommendations to the Appointing Authority. 

  • Apart from passing the confirmation test at the end of probation, confirmation will also depend on the Probation Report. 

  • Probation period should not be extended for more than one year and in no case it should exceed the total period of probation. 

  • Probationer, whose performance is not satisfactory, should be notified of his defects and he should be discharged from service if he is a direct recruiter or reverted to lower Group if he is promoted from lower Group.

  • On discharge he is not eligible for compensation.

  • In all cases of Direct Recruitment, there must be at least two weeks of induction training.


Key Points for MCQ on Probation:

1.   Direct recruitment in Level 12 - Probation period is 1 year

2.               Posts other than Level 12 - Probation period is 2 years

3.               Promotion from one Group to another Group - Probation period is 2 years 

4.               Confirmation depends on 1. Passing the Confirmation test & Probation Report 

5.               All cases of Direct Recruitment  - Minimum induction period is 2 weeks 

6.               If performance is not satisfactory during Probation period

A.              Direct recruiter - Discharged from Service

B.   Promotee - Reverted to lower group