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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Test Check

 Test Check

By M Nageswara Rao 9492432160

  • Source: 803AI 

  • Conducted at least once in a month  

  • PFA prescribes different items of work dealt in various sections, the minimum test check over the work of clerks.  

  • Underlying idea: Efficient disposal without any violation of rules & procedures.  


  • Front page: Inspection sheet consists of i) Month of Test check ii) Date on which put up iii) Date reviewed by the Officer concerned. 

  • Test check  By SSO(A)s- done on the work of clerks under his control for review and orders.  Put up to Branch Accounts Officer on 10th of the following Month. 

  • Test Check Register of the Branch Accounts Officer on systems improvement  - Sent to PFA for  his appraisal. 

Features of Test Check:

  1. It should not be of routine nature.  

  2. Should focus on System improvement, procedural lacuna and lapses.  

  3. Verification & thorough examination of facts and figures embodied in various documents brought under Test Check.  

  4. Primarily test check items which do not in the ordinary course pass through Officer. 

  5. An intelligent scrutiny to find out whether the clerks understand their duties and rules governing them and do the work allotted to them diligently, and 

  6. Whether there is any tendency to do the work casually. 

  7. Particular emphasis on the procedure & method adopted for the work 

  8. Whether the internal check method should be adequate or over elaborate or any room for improvement.