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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Quotations - Dispensing with calling of Tenders


Quotations - Dispensing with calling of Tenders

·      for works which are urgent in nature and to accept offers received in response to quotations.

Delegation of Powers as per MSOP - Item 5 (f) of Works Matters Part A 

Powers lying with

Without concurrence

With Concurrence

Safe running of Trains (works should be of urgent nature)

JAG/SG & SS(Independent charge)

Up to Rs.2 Lakhs

(Annual Limit Rs.10 Lakhs)

Up to Rs.5 Lakhs

(Annual limit: Rs.60 Lakhs)

Other works

(incl: Safe running of train)


Up to Rs.10 Lakhs

(Annual Limit Rs.120 Lakhs)

Authority: Railway Board Letter dated 05.03.2009 & 06.10.2010. 

Other Important Points as per MSOP


1.    Finance concurrence is necessary except for work is of urgent nature and directly related to safe running of trains.

2.    Exercised by the officers with their own administrative approval and no separate administrative approval is necessary.

3.    The powers should be exercised sparingly.

4.    The circumstances under which quotations have to be called should be spelt out.

5.   Provision in Sanctioned estimate.

6.    The work should not be split up for the purpose of bringing it within the ambit of this dispensation

7.   Should not be for fancy items (expensive, but of low utility)

8.    For works which are urgent in nature.

9.   At least 3 well experienced contacters/agencies.  They need not necessarily borne in the Approved list.

10.                      A Register showing the full particulars of works authorized through quotations shall be maintained by the officer and shall be sent to associate finance while seeking their concurrence.

11.                      Cross utilization of powers of equivalent officers in a division/single administrative unit shall not be allowed.

12.                      Notice period of at least 7 days from the date of NIQ (Notice inviting Quotation)

13.                     In case of emergency, the period can be reduced with approval of the authority accepting quotation.


Reforms in Group B selections in Indian Railways - PPT

Monday, September 28, 2020

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Service Contracts and GeM


Service Contracts  and GeM – Government E Marketplace

·        If Services available on GeM portal, Procurement has to be done through GeM only.


·        Exception to the above rules is with Specific reasons with justification and Personal approval of GM/DRM is required.



        Delegation of Powers to invite and accepting Service Tenders




All other Officers

Full powers

Rs. 100 Crores

(long term contracts)

As per delegation of

Service contracts



·        Enter Service Contract in place of termination of existing Service Contract: 

§  DRMs have full powers .

§  For a period of 3 months only.

§  By calling quotations from approved list of vendors.

§  Finance concurrence required


·        Source: Sl.No.44 of Works Matters of MSOP



Sunday, September 27, 2020

Reforms in Appendix3 Examination - Likely


Reforms in Appendix3 Examination

My suggestions on Appendix3 Exam - Click here


Hi friends,

ü  you are likely to hear good news about Appendix3 exam in a few days.


ü  There may be a possibility of changing exam pattern (both McQ and descriptive), one common exam for all the three groups.(i.e., SO/A, TIA & ISA)


ü   Exam is proposed to be held in February or March 2021.


ü  McQ exam may be held online.


ü  Please be patient. Don't make enquiries to Railway Board and disturb their valuable time.


ü   Dust off your study material and start preparations. All the best.


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Friday, September 25, 2020

70% Selection Question Papers - 2020 year - Accounts Dept


SWR Question paper 70% Selection 2020 year

ECR Question Paper 70% Selection 2020 Year

Did you know ?

Railway Branch
Railway Board
Public Works Dept
Railway Dept
Secretary, Railway Branch 
Chairman & CEO, Railway Board
Dy.Secretary – Accounts
Member (Finance) - MF
Dy. Secretary – Traffic
Member (O&BD - Operations & Business Development) - M/O&BD
Dy. Secretary – Construction
Surrendered now.  (Previously it was Member - Engineering)
Zonal Railway
Consulting Engineer
General Manager
Govt Examiner of Accounts
PFA – Principal Financial Advisor

·         Initially (i.e., Before 1905) regulation and control of Government Railways was exercised by the Railway Branch of the Public Works Department (PWD) of Government of India. 

·         Till 1905 (the year Railway Board was established), the Railway Branch was headed by The Secretary and 3 Deputy Secretaries (Traffic, Accounts & Construction) – like The Chairman, FC & Members as in current Railway Board set up.

·         The entire Railway system was divided into seven circles  (like present Zonal Railways )

·         One Consulting Engineer and one Government Examiner of Accounts were posted to each of these seven circles. (like General Manager and PFA-Principal Financial Adviser)

·         The accounting and auditing functions of the Railway Branch were combined and looked after  by The Accountant  General, Public Works Department.


Did you Know ? - Busiest Railway Station in India


                                                         Did you know ?


Busiest Railway Station in India is Howrah Railway Station

·        Train frequency  - Nearly 1000 trains per day


·         Oldest Railway Station – 1854


·        Largest Railway Junction


·        23 Platforms


·          Handling nearly 10 lakh passengers a day


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Did you know - Highest Priority trains in India


Did you know


Highest Priority trains in India - Rank wise


1. Rajdhani Express

2. Shatabdi Express

3. Duronto Express

4. Tejas Express

5. Garib Rath Express

6. Double Decker Express

7. Jan Shatabdi Express

8. Superfast Express

9. Express/Mails Trains

10. Suburban Trains


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Reforms in Group B Selections in Indian Railways - All Depts including Accounts - One Examination for All Zonal Railways

Click for Railway Board letter on Reforms in Group B Selections

Reforms in Group B Selections – Significant points


ü One Nation – One exam concept introduced in Indian Railways


ü Only one Centralized Computer based objective type examination for Selections and Pre-qualifying examinations for LDCEs for promotion to Group B Posts in all Depts in Indian Railways.


ü Commencing from 01.01.2021


ü Vacancy cycle  - 30 months  .  From  January 2021 to June 2023


ü 70 % Selections  - Only one exam – 100 % objective type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)


ü 30% LDCE   - Two parts  - Part one i.e., Pre qualifying exam is 100 % objective type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) and Part two is Descriptive examination


ü Higher cut off percentage  - 75% for LDCE  and 60% for Selections (70% exam)


ü MCQ exam conducted by the agency hired by EDE(RRB), Railway Board


ü Question Bank will be prepared for objective type examination along with key which will be handed over to the agencies for randomly selecting the questions for examinations.


ü Updating of the Question Bank will be doe from time to time.


ü Subjective Question Bank  - Prepared by collecting questions and salient points/answer key from all the Zonal Railways.


ü Medical examination and Viva voce of successful candidates will be conducted by the respective Zonal Railways only.


Evaluation of Subjective paper:


ü A committee of SAG officers of the concerned Dept from various Zones/Pus will be formed in commensuration with the number of candidates    - by ED(RRB) for evaluation of Answer sheets.


ü Evaluation work will be carried out in the respective CTI/NAIR.


ü Period of Evaluation:  1 week