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Saturday, May 21, 2022

RCT - Railway Claims Tribunal

 RCT - Railway Claims Tribunal

Object of the establishment of RCT: 

  1. Provision for compensation by Railways on account of loss, damage of goods etc., and also due to accidental deaths and injury was maintained. 


  1. To reduce the burden on civil courts for Railway related compensation and refund of fares. 


  1. Speedy disposal of claims at the earliest.  

Functions of RCT

  1. Inquiring into and determining claims against a Railway Administration.


  1. The refund of fares or freight


  1.  Compensation for death or injury to passengers

  • Source: The Railway Claims Tribunal Act, 1987 


  • Enacted to provide speedy disposal of claims against the Railway Administration. 

  •  The Indian Railways Act, 1890 was replaced by The Railways Act, 1989 came into force from 01.07.1990 


  • Principal Bench - New Delhi 

  • Total Benches  - 19 

  • Jurisdiction of Benches as per States / UTs (Not on Zonal Railways)