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Thursday, July 16, 2020

DFCCIL – Dedicated Freight Corporation of India Limited

DFCCIL – Dedicated Freight Corporation of India Limited


Source: https://dfccil.com/

·         DFCCIL (SPV – Special Purpose Vehicle) is wholly owned company of Ministry of Railways registered under Company Act 1956 and was incorporated on 30th October, 2006.

·          Target for completion of the Project – December, 2019 (It may be extended)

·         Estimated Project Cost - Rs. 82,000 Crores (Approx)

·         The Eastern & western dedicated freight corridors entail an investment of 12 billion dollars,

·         Eastern Corridor - World Bank Loan of 1.86 Billion dollars

·         Western Corridor - JICA loan of 5.2 Billion Dollars

·         The balance between Project Cost and Loan is bear by Govt of India through Equity.

Need of DFC

·         Eastern  Corridor  ( E D F C ) f ro m Lu d h ia n a ( S a h n ewa l ) t o Dankuni (Near Kolkata)

·         Western Corridor (WDFC) from Jawaharlal Nehru Port,  Mumbai to Dadri near Delhi.

·         The Delhi-Mumbai rail route and the Delhi –Howrah rail route are highly congested at present.

·          IR has lost a significant portion of its Freight business to the Road sector and has planned to recover the market share through DFC.



·          Golden quadrilateral connecting 4 Metropolitan cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata and its  diagonals  1. Delhi to Chennai and 2. Mumbai to Kolkata – Total route length of 10,000 Kms –


                                                   Share of Golden quadrilateral at present


Passenger traffic

Freight traffic

16 %

52 %

58 %


·         Line capacity varying between 120 % to 150 % in Eastern Corridor (Delhi to Kolkata) and in Western Corridor (Delhi to Mumbai) – Highly saturated

·          IR lost its share in freight traffic from 83 % in 1950-51 to 30 % in 2018-19

·         To meet the growth of Indian Economy in recent decades and to garner the share of Freight transport, the Govt mooted the conception of Dedicated Freight Corridors

·         Beginning step in the above direction is the Presentation of Railway Budget in 2005-06.

·         Feasibility study report – October, 2017

·         2006 – A SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) named Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India limited was incorporated as a company under the Companies Act, 1956.


·         To build a Corridor with appropriate technology

·         To regain market share of Freight transport

·         To set up Multimodal logistic parks along the DFC to provide complete solution to customers

·         To adopt the Railways as the most environmental friendly transport mode 

Salient Features

·         Chairman : De facto Chairman, Railway Board

·         Hqrs: New Delhi

·         Total route length : 3600 kms

·         Western Corridor  : 1504 Kms  From Dadri (UP) to JNPT Port (Mumbai)

·         Eastern Corridor    : 2096 Kms From Ludhiana to Dankuni (West Bengal)

·         The Railway’s share expected to go up from present level 30 % to 45% in the Total transport sector

·         It is exclusively for Freight trains.  So it should be possible to run timeb-tabled trains with guaranteed transit time.

·         Last mile connectivity – by tying up with truck operators. So that offered door to door services to the Customers.

·         Setting up of Multimodal logistics parks along the Corridor to facilitate al kinds of value addition from packaging. Retailing, labelling, pelletizing etc.

·         Design-Build Lump-sum Contract strategy – Construction of DFC. Being a design build contract bidder is supposed to quote lump-sum contract price for the total work including design, construction, testing, commissioning and liability during defect liability period. It is akin to EPC  Projects. Click for Article on EPC in the blog.

·         Western corridor will cater double stack containers on electrified traction, which is first in the world

·         RO-RO – Roll On Roll Off traffic – Western Corridor  - to attract non bulk traffic particularly at short lead to avoid cost of transhipment


Relationship with Indian Railways:

·         Concessioner is Indian Railways and Concessionaire is DFCCIL

·         Period is 30 years (from commencement of operations)

·         Accept freight trains on its track on payment of user charge called TAC – Track Access Charge by Indian Railways and other Private Train operators.

·         Land will be acquired by IR under Railway Amendment Act, 2008 and leased to DFCCIL

·         Financing the Project: Loan from External bilateral/ Multilateral funds recd via Ministry of Railways and equity contribution from Ministry of Railways.

·         Main source of Revenue to DFCCIL is TAC – Track Access Charge

·         TAC consists of Fixed and Variable components. Variable component based on volume of traffic in terms of 000 GTKMs

·         Cost of construction of Double Line electrified Track – Rs. 18  Crores (in IR , it is Rs.12 Crores).  The reasons for increasing cost are


A.      Electric traction of 2 x25 KV, 58hz single phase AC

B.      Double line automatic signalling

C.      Standard of loading of 32.5 Tonnes Axle Load

D.      Will have grade separation from IR Existing lines in the form of fly overs to ensure free flow of trains on both the systems.


1.       Bring about paradigm shift in Freight operations

2.       Reduction in unit cost of transportation.

3.       Higher speeds

4.       Better turnaround of Wagons

5.       Act as Catalyst for the Development of Industry and areas along the Corridor.

6.       Increased payload to tare ratio (by higher axle load wagons)

7.       Improved SEC

8.       Ultimate objective is to reduce the O & M Costs (Operation & Maintenance)


·         Coming up Freight Corridors are


A.      East-West Corridor (Kolkata-Mumbai) – 1856 Kms.

B.      North-South Corridor (Delhi-Chennai) - 2173 Kms

C.      East Coast Corridor (Kharagpur-Vijaywada) 1100 Kms.

D.      Southern Corridor (Chennai-Goa) - 899 Kms.