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Friday, August 19, 2022

Super Vasuki - India's Longest Freight Train

 Super Vasuki  - India's Longest Freight Train

  • Named as “Super Vasuki”  - runs on 15th August, 2022 (75th Independence Day Anniversary) 



  •  By amalgamating Five rakes of freight trains as One Unit 


  • Length of the Train - 3.5 KMs 


  • Operated by SECR - South Eastern Central Railways, which is the most profitable Zonal Railway in IR.  


  • Covered the distance of 224 KMs between Bhilai and Korba in 11 Hours.  


  •  6 Locomotives and 295 Wagons - 25,962 Tonnes of Coal carried 


  • One Loco Pilot, One Assistant Loco Pilot and One Train Manager (Guard)  

  • Using the Latest technology i.e., DPCS - Distributed Power Control System. That is the leading (front) diesel loco (engine) controlled the entire train along with the simultaneous functioning of the rear loco through electronic transmission while running on the rail network.

Earlier Records 

  • Super Anaconda - 2 KMs long - 3 Locomotives -177 Loaded Wagons 


  • Shesh-Naag  - 251 empty wagons - 2.8 KMs long - 4 Locomotives -260 Kms from Nagpur to Korba


Material for MCQ

  1. India’s Longest freight train so far (as on 15.08.2022)  - Super Vasuki 

  2. Super Vasuki - runs by SECR 

  3. DPCS stands for Distributed Power Control System 

  • End  - 

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Bharat Gaurav Tourist Trains - Desh Apna Dekho


Bharat Gaurav Tourist Trains

  • An initiative under “Dekho Apna Desh” to promote domestic tourism

  • Policy from 01.04.2022

  • Theme-based tourist circuit Trains

  • To showcase India’s rich cultural heritage and magnificent historical places to the People of India and the World.  

  • At present, IRCTC is already running several tourist circuit trains on Railways.

  • Now, Railways Invited professional private tour operators to run the above trains 

  • Themes like Ramayana - covering places connected with Lord Shri Ram, Guru Kripa - Cover important places of Sikh culture, etc.  

  •  The first phase - Allocated 180 Trains with 3033 coaches like Vande Bharat, Vista Dome, and LHB Coaches. 

Salient features: 

  • Private Tourist service provider - free to decide the theme

  • Offer all-inclusive package including travel, accommodation, sightseeing arrangement, tour guides, etc. 

  • Full flexibility to decide package cost based on the services provided by them. 

  • Choice of Coaches like AC and Non AC and Accommodation like  Luxury, Budget, etc. 

  • Free to design/furnish interior and exterior of Coaches. 

  • Branding and advertisement are permitted both inside and outside of the Train. 

  • Train composition - 14 to 20 Coaches 

Process of selecting Tour operators:

  • Online registration 

  • Registration fees - Rs. One Lakh. 

  • Security Deposit - Rs 1 (one) Crore per rake.

  • Individual, Partnership Firm, Company, Society, trust, JV/Consortium (Unincorporated/Incorporated) are eligible.

  • Right to Use charges and Haulage charges are notified in the policy for Service Provider to work out his business model.

  • Right to Use Period: 2-10 years.

First / Maiden Bharat Gaurav Train 

  • Between Coimbatore to Sai Nagar Shirdi round trip with tourist places of Mantralayam  on 14.06.2022

  • 5 days trip

  • Southern Railway gets an annual fixed revenue of Rs. 3.34 Crores.

  • Registered Service provider - South Star Rail, Coimbatore-based part of the conglomerate group - Future Gaming & Hotel Services Pvt Ltd. 

  • Security Deposit - Rs. 1 Crore per 20 coaches rake, Annual right to use charges - Rs. 27.79 Lakhs and Quarterly Fixed haulage charges - Rs. 76.77 lakhs  

  • Variable haulage charge of Rs.38.22 Lakhs (excl: GST) for 5 days trip 

  • 1100 tourists traveled

  • Composition : First AC Coach -1, 2-tier AC coaches – 3, 3-tier AC coaches-8, Sleeper Class coaches-5 , Pantry car-1 and Luggage-cum-brake Vans-2. (Total – 20 coaches)

  •  All coaches - refurbished the interiors

  • Public Address system - provided for all coaches - for regular communication, playing devotional songs and mantras 

  • Doctor on board to attend any emergency

  • Private security in Train

  • On board AC Mechanic and electrician 

  • Maintained by branded housekeeping service providers 

  • Catering facility - traditional vegetarian menus

  • Radio jockey to entertain the passengers during the journey.  

Shri Ramayana Yatra

  •  18 days trip - started from New Delhi on 21st June 2022 

  • Operated by IRCTC as Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train

  • Cover approximately 8,000 KMs

  • IRCTC is the first Indian agency to connect India and Nepal through a tourist train. 

  •  Covers Janakpur (Nepal), Ayodhya, Janakpur, Buxar, Kashi, Sitamarhi, Chitrakoot, Prayagraj, Hampi, Nasik, Kanchipuram, Rameshwaram, and Bhadrachalam. 

  • The capacity of 600 tourists. 

  • AC 3 Tier Coaches

  • Single occupance - Rs. 71,820, Double occupancy - Rs. 62,370, Child with bed (5-11 years group) - Rs. 56,700 (Ticket is uniform irrespective of boarding point) 

  • All-inclusive package of Travel, Food, Accommodation, Guide, etc

  • Boarding points: Aligarh, Kanpur, Tundla & Lucknow 

 Key Takeaways for MCQ

  1. Branded as Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train

  2. Initiative under “Dekho Apna Desh”

  3. Policy w.e.f:  01.04.2022

  4. First / Maiden Bharat Gaurav Train - Coimbatore to Sai Nagar Shirdi

  5. First Registered Service provider under Bharat Gaurav Scheme - South India Star, Coimbatore-based firm

  6. Right to use period - 2 to 10 years

  7. Online Registration fees - Rs.1 Lakh

  8. Security Deposit for each Rake - Rs. 1 Crore

  9. Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train between India and Nepal  - Operated by IRCTC


Saturday, April 23, 2022

One Nation One Product

 One Nation One Product 

Nageswara Rao 9492432160

  • Each Railway Station is a Promotional hub for showcasing local products.


  • Announced in Union Budget 2022-23


  • Part of Atma Nirbhar Project   


  • Provide enhanced livelihood and welfare of local artisans, potters, weavers, handloom weavers, tribals etc. 


  • Indirectly benefit Station development too. 


Railway Station


Patna Jn

Madhubani painting


Etikoppaka (wooden) toys


Tant handloom sarees


Assamese Gamocha


Channapatna wooden toys

Chennai Central

Kancheepuram sarees


Kalamkari sarees


Bamboo handicrafts


Terracotta  / Ceramic products


Kota doria sarees


Dokra bell metal handicraft products


Terracotta handicrafts


Azamgarh black pottery

Varanasi cantonment

Wooden toys


Handlooms & Pickles


Sanganeri print items & Jaipur razai

Agra Cantonment

Marble handicrafts

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

DEMU - Diesel Electric Multiple Unit

 DEMU - Diesel Electric Multiple Unit

  • DEMU stands for Diesel Electric Multiple Unit


  • A Multiple unit Train 


  •  Powered by onboard Diesel Engines  




  1. No need for a separate locomotive as the same is incorporated in one of the carriages. 

  1. Each passenger-carrying car  - Its own source of motive power fitted below the Coach. 


  1. Does not need reversal at both ends (Terminals).  This will reduce a lot of traveling time by eliminating shunting operations.  


  1. Quick acceleration & deacceleration render them most suitable for short-distance passenger trains.  



Friday, September 25, 2020

Did you know ?

Railway Branch
Railway Board
Public Works Dept
Railway Dept
Secretary, Railway Branch 
Chairman & CEO, Railway Board
Dy.Secretary – Accounts
Member (Finance) - MF
Dy. Secretary – Traffic
Member (O&BD - Operations & Business Development) - M/O&BD
Dy. Secretary – Construction
Surrendered now.  (Previously it was Member - Engineering)
Zonal Railway
Consulting Engineer
General Manager
Govt Examiner of Accounts
PFA – Principal Financial Advisor

·         Initially (i.e., Before 1905) regulation and control of Government Railways was exercised by the Railway Branch of the Public Works Department (PWD) of Government of India. 

·         Till 1905 (the year Railway Board was established), the Railway Branch was headed by The Secretary and 3 Deputy Secretaries (Traffic, Accounts & Construction) – like The Chairman, FC & Members as in current Railway Board set up.

·         The entire Railway system was divided into seven circles  (like present Zonal Railways )

·         One Consulting Engineer and one Government Examiner of Accounts were posted to each of these seven circles. (like General Manager and PFA-Principal Financial Adviser)

·         The accounting and auditing functions of the Railway Branch were combined and looked after  by The Accountant  General, Public Works Department.