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Saturday, August 13, 2022

EoTT - End of Train Telemetry


EoTT - End of Train Telemetry

  • EoTT stands for End of Train Telemetry

  • EoTT consists of :

HoT - Head of Train unit / Cab Display Unit (CDU) mounted in the locomotive  

Portable EOT - End of Train Unit / Sense and Brake Unit (SBU) mounted on the
CBC - Center Buffer Coupling on the rear end of last vehicle of the Train

The above two units are paired and communicate with each other over a radio link.


  • To replace the guard at the last coach of the train. This piece of equipment will take

  • care of the roles and responsibilities of the guard of the train irrespective of passenger

  • train or goods train.


  • Cost of One set of EoTT - Rs. 10 Lakhs 


  • First Zonal Railway to commissioned EoTT  - ECoR - East Coast Railway

  • Currently 4 Freight trains with EoTT system are running without Guard / Train Manager


  • Target  - To provide in all Freight trains - By December, 2023



  • Dependency on the attachment of the Brake Van (the last vehicle of a freight train

  • meant for Guards/Train Manager. Because this device performs all  safety-related

  • functions automatically, which a Guard/Train Manager performs in a Freight Train. 


  • One additional wagon or Coach can be attached to the Freight train or Passenger train

  • respectively


  • Continuous monitoring of Air Pressure in the last vehicle thus ensuring a high level of

  • safety. 


  • Improved operational savings in terms of elimination of Guard / Train Manager & Brake

  • van 


  • Improved train monitoring & accident investigation. 

Key takeaways for MCQ 

  1. EoTT stands for End of Train Telemetry 

  2. HoT stands for Head of Train  

  3. CDU stands for Cab Display Unit 

  4. EoT stands for End of Train 

  5. SBU stands for Sense & Break Unit

  6. CBC stands for Center Buffler Coupling

  7. First Zonal Railway commissioned EoTT - ECoR