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Friday, August 19, 2022

Super Vasuki - India's Longest Freight Train

 Super Vasuki  - India's Longest Freight Train

  • Named as “Super Vasuki”  - runs on 15th August, 2022 (75th Independence Day Anniversary) 



  •  By amalgamating Five rakes of freight trains as One Unit 


  • Length of the Train - 3.5 KMs 


  • Operated by SECR - South Eastern Central Railways, which is the most profitable Zonal Railway in IR.  


  • Covered the distance of 224 KMs between Bhilai and Korba in 11 Hours.  


  •  6 Locomotives and 295 Wagons - 25,962 Tonnes of Coal carried 


  • One Loco Pilot, One Assistant Loco Pilot and One Train Manager (Guard)  

  • Using the Latest technology i.e., DPCS - Distributed Power Control System. That is the leading (front) diesel loco (engine) controlled the entire train along with the simultaneous functioning of the rear loco through electronic transmission while running on the rail network.

Earlier Records 

  • Super Anaconda - 2 KMs long - 3 Locomotives -177 Loaded Wagons 


  • Shesh-Naag  - 251 empty wagons - 2.8 KMs long - 4 Locomotives -260 Kms from Nagpur to Korba


Material for MCQ

  1. India’s Longest freight train so far (as on 15.08.2022)  - Super Vasuki 

  2. Super Vasuki - runs by SECR 

  3. DPCS stands for Distributed Power Control System 

  • End  -