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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Zone works

Zone Works

·         Source: 1203E, 1208E, 1209E

·         Meaning:  Works of ordinary repairs & maintenance, petty nature works of a particular zone ( Like SCR) or Area ((say Secunderabad)

·         Piece work contract is adopted for Zone works.  Only unit rates fixed, without reference either to total quantity of work/material supplied.

·         Advantageous to allot all minor works & all works of repairs & maintenance in a particular zone for a definite period to one Contractor.

Works under Zone Contracts - (Revenue only)

1.       Additions/alterations to the existing structures, special repair works, supply of building materials - But each work / Work order not exceeding Rs.5 Lakhs.
2.       All ordinary repairs & maintenance works
3.       Supply of materials. e.g., bricks, lime, sand etc which are likely to be required in a Zone during the year.

·          Period – one year- Normally 1st July to 30th June.

·         Period may be extended more than a year with the concurrence of Accounts, if it is advantageous to Railways.

·         Ensure all works of old contract are completed by 30th June.