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Sunday, December 2, 2018

OOT Works - Out Of Turn Works

Out of Turn Works - OOT Works

(many times asked. Very important question for GRP & General expenditure optional)

ü Definition:  Works that are to be undertaken during a year, provided neither provided in the Sanctioned works in the current year, nor included in the Sanctioned works of Previous years.

ü  Execution authority - should justify the need to undertake the work immediately (though not included in the Sanctioned works) and also why it could not be anticipated/included in the Pink Book/LAW.

ü Funds should be provided for OOT works - duly re appropriated within the same Plan Head from the Itemized works.

ü CPDE - Chief Planning and Design Engineer   /   CE/P&D - Chief Engineer/Planning & Design  - Nodal officer for OOT works in a Zonal Railway.

ü Prior Finance Concurrence of PFA/Sr.DFM is required for OOT works in Zonal Railway & Division respectively.  

ü  Passenger Amenities works :-

1.   Emphasis / Importance should be on creation of amenities of durable and lasting nature.
2.    Funds should not be frittered / wasted on provision of superficial items like furnishings & furniture etc.

ü Funds provided for OOT woks should be duly re appropriated within the same Plan Head from itemized works.

ü Safety works under OOT - Should be completed within a maximum period of 8 months from the date of sanction of Detailed Estimate.  Otherwise, the object of OOT for safety works itself is defeated.
ü Before obtaining Out of turn sanction of GM for traffic facilities/ line capacity work, approval of PCOM should be taken.  

ü Administrative approval of GM/DRM as stated below - should be obtained before incurring expenditure on out of turn basis.

Plan Heads
Sanctioning Powers (as per MSOP)
PH 5300- Passengers & Other user amenities
2.5 Crores per case
2.5 Crores per case
Annual ceiling of Rs.25 Crores (other than Lumpsum grant) for non-safety items.

This restriction is not applicable in case of Safety works.
PH 5200 - Staff amenities
1 Crore
Other Plan Heads
2.5 Crores per case
M & P Items
10 lakhs per case
Annual ceiling is Rs. 50 lakhs.  However, all such proposals together with M&P items sanctioned at CME level under LAW should be within the Lump sum grant given by the Board.

ü  The above table useful for SOP related questions in the examination.