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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Working Hours in Workshops


Working Hours - Workshops 

  • Sources: 1. Chapter 3 of Rolling Stock Code (Paras 301 to 304) 

               2. The Factories Act, 1948 ( Sections 51 to 56 of Chapter 6)   


  • Weekly - Should not exceed 48 hours 

  • Normally 8 ½ hours per day  on week days (5 days) and 5 ½ hours on Saturday and Sunday being the Rest.  

                            Normal Working Hours - Per Week  

Week days 

(5 days)


 (1 day)


 (1 day)

Total Working hours

8 ½ hours per day 

Total= 42 ½ hours

5 ½ hours


42 ½ hours + 5 ½ hours = 48 hours

  • Any departure from an 8 hour per day (6 days - 48 hours) involving payment of wages - Requires the specific sanction of the Railway Board. 



Not to exceed

Per Day

9 Hours

Per Day - With Intervals @ ½ Hour 

(Spread over)

10 ½ Hours

Per Week 

48 Hours

Without Interval (½ hour) in a Day

5 Hours


  • Weekly holiday - Sunday.  

  • If Sunday is a working day, workers should have a holiday for a whole day  on one of the 3 days immediately before or after the Sunday.   


Exemption from the Above Conditions:  

  •  On some occasions, certain staff can be exempted. 


  • In the opinion of “The Occupier of the Factory”  (The GM can appoint CWM or any other Officer as “The Occupier of the Factory” in order to fulfill the relevant provisions of “The Factories Act, 1948” 


  • Sanction of the concerned State Government should be obtained through the GM. 


  • Section 64 of the Factories Act, 1948 

—---- End —----


Saturday, October 7, 2023

Gate Attendance System - Railway Workshops


Gate Attendance System - Railway Workshops   

  • Source: Rolling Stock Code Chapter 3 (Paras 305 to 324)  

  • GA System stands for Gate Attendance System  

  • Computerized GA System: 

  • Mandatory

  • In a time bound manner on priority 

  • In all Workshops, Sheds, Depots, PUs and Open Line establishments

  • Using Smart Cards and Biometrics

  • Security walling in a time bound manner on priority.  

  • Manual Attendance Registers shall be completely withdrawn 

  • Adequate redundancy should be built into the system to take care of breakdown of a particular equipment, server, power supply etc 

Features of Modern G.A.System  

  1. Through the Main Gate -  Entry & Exit of every person. (no matter how high in the hierarchy) through the Main Gate. Verified and recorded except at the time of mass entry/exit at the beginning/end of each session of work.  

  2. Till the session ends, staff cannot exit except when the work session ends.  

  3. Impersonation is not possible - The employee can alone mark his attendance for him.  

  4. Wicket Gate: 

  1. Controlled Wicket Gate (one man access) permanently open during all hours of entry/exit with special authority.

  2. During Peak hours only, Main Gates with adequate manned will open during the entry/exit peak hours.

  3. Rest of the time, Main Gates are closed and sealed.

  4. Allowed with Smart Card only 

  5. Supported by requisite authority 

  6. Linked with the GA system through online  

  1. GA marking Devices - 15 Minutes - Adequate numbers to be provided. So that employees can use them 15 minutes before and after the beginning/end of the sessions of the Work. 

  2. CC TVs - provided along with GA marking Devices, entry/exit points. The data should be stored at least for a month. 

  3. Backup - Proper data security & backup arrangement for GA system. 

  4. Integration - GA System data integrated with the Enterprise application for making Wages Payment. 

  5. Duplicate recording - Not possible 

  6. Multipurpose Smart Card - In addition to entry/exit, it can be useful for privilege passes, medical identity, PF/NPS, Leave and other data. 

  7. Exception Statements generated. These are: 

  • Total Daily Hours

  • Total Weekly Hours

  • Sunday working rules 

  • Rest intervals

  • Spread over  

  1. GA system - dual verification 

  1. Smart card combined with biometric authentication

  2. Biometric authentication alone as a standby 

Time Office:  

  • Headed by the Senior Subordinate i.e.,  HTK - Head Time Keeper 

  • Under the administrative control of WAO - Workshop Accounts Officer 

  • WAO - Responsible for correct payment as well as correct accountal (classification of expenditure) of wages 

  • Responsible for maintaining the initial records of attendance. 

  • The same records  are eventually the records of payment. 

  • However due to implementation of Biometric systems, the existence of Time Office in Workshops is not required.  

Workshop Gates - Opening and Closing:  

  • GPS based Clocks 

  • Clocks with the Smart card/Biometric & Time recording system  

  • HTK - Head Time Keeper is responsible for opening and closing of the Main Gates as per CWM instructions.  

                                        Opening & Closing the Main Gates

Session commences

Main Gates

Opened Before 

30 Minutes

Closed after

30 Minutes


  • Siren - Morning Session - Before 30 Minutes  

  • Siren - Later Sessions / Shifts / Meal Hour   - Before and After 15 Minutes 

Late Attendance



Loss of Wages

  • Remarks


5 Minutes to 30 Minutes

Half an Hour

In case of Shifts with two sessions of Working Day

Beyond 30 Minutes 

Half a Day


5 Minutes to 30 Minutes

Half an Hour

In case of Shifts with Single Session of Working Day

Beyond 30 Minutes 

Full Day


After 5 Minutes

Half a day

In case of Shifts with two sessions of Working Day


Work during Meal Hour and on Sundays:

  • The following staff are required to work due to technical reasons:  

  1. Furnace & Forge men

  2. Millwright staff 

  3. Crane Drivers

  4. Boiler Fireman 

  5. Boiler makers

Attendance of Supervisory Staff & Shop Clerks

  • 5 minutes before Final Siren or starting of Duty hours.  

  • If he is Supervisory in charge of GA Marking, he should attend 15 minutes before the session commencement  hours and leave 15 minutes before the closing hours.  

  • Like that, the Supervisory in charge of GA marking Out for the same session, he may come at the beginning of the session, but leave the shop late by 15 minutes. 

  • Shop Clerks should work to Workshop Hours. 

BIN - Biometric Identity Number:  


  • BIN stands for Biometric Identity Number

  • Staff, Supervisors & Officers - allotted BIN, as reflected in Smart card and all other financial statements.  

  • Facilitates exception reports and management related data like absence without intimation, various types of leave etc.  

Absence of Staff - DAR Action to be initiated as follows:  

Period of Absence

Action should be initiated by _________

Less than 3 days

Shop In charge (SSE/SE)

3 days to 6 days

Assistant / Jr. Scale Officer

More than 6 days

Sr. Scale Officer


Note: The Shop in charge (SSE/SE) will be responsible to see that each case of unauthorized absence receives the attention at the appropriate level. 

Leaving the Workshop - During Working Hours: 


  • Any staff wishing to leave the Shop during the Working hours, should obtain a slip from the Supervisor and present it to the Time Clerk for issue of a Gate Pass. 

  • Gate Pass:   

  1. Form M.319 

  2. Reasons should be recorded. 

  3. Prepared in duplicate 

  4. Duplicate copy is retained as Block Copy 

  5. Finally, the Gate Pass has to be returned to SSE Office that issued the said Gate Pass

  • If a Biometric system exists - the staff must punch out in the Biometric system and again punch in on the return (if the same is permitted) during the same shift.  

Duty Certificate:

  •  Official duty purposes  

  • Form M.320 

  • On presentation of Duty Certificate, the Time Clerk will prepare a Gate Pass 

  • Duty Certificates - filed (in order of return from duty) with the Time Booth of the shop concerned.   

Gate Pass for Private purposes:  

  • Either in First period or in Second period 

  • Subject to the condition that re-entry into works will not be allowed during that period 

  • Period of Absence - Half day  - If two periods in a day 

  • Period of Absence - Full day - If one period in a day  

  • Also be given to staff attending Railway Hospital as Outdoor patients. If detained in Hospital more than 30 minutes - treated as Leave for full day or half day as the case may be.  Such payments should be restricted to 6 times in a year. 

Night Shift: 


  • Form M.324 

  • When a staff works on a shift which extends over midnight: 

  • The following day for him shall be deemed to be the period of 24 hours beginning when such shift ends, 

  • and the hours he/she has worked after midnight shall be counted in the previous day.