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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

O&M - Organization & Method Unit


O&M - Organization & Method Unit

12th September 2023 

What is O & M?

  • Organization and Methods is a Management Science term. 

  • Refers to a Division that devises and manages large-scale administrative procedures. 

  • Review the Organization’s internal structure, procedures, and control systems.  

  • Examines every stage of an Office Procedure, including its purpose, method, forms, documents, time, and people involved.  

  • A valuable component of any Organization


  1. To improve an Organization’s efficiency and control.  

  2. To bring about a consciousness in the staff. 

  3. To eliminate waste in all activities. 

Govt of India and Ministry of Railways: 

  • A Special Organization formed in the Cabinet Secretariat 

  • AIM: To improve the Administrative efficiency in all Ministries/Departments of the Govt of India 

  • Functions under: Dept of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions. 

  • Ministry of Railways - O&M unit is under the control of the Secretary, Railway Board 

Functions of O&M Unit in Railways:  

  1. Preparation of MOP - Manual of Office Procedure 

  2. Implementation of Administrative Reforms in the Railway Board

  3. Delegation of Powers in the Railway Board

  4. Preparation of the Organisational chart of the Railway Board

  5. Work distribution between the Minister of Railways, Minister of State for Railways, and Railway Board Members. 

  6. Devising new designations for newly created posts 

  7. Redesignations of All Group A & B Officers 

  8. Monitoring the emoluments and payment of OT - Overtime Allowance 

  9. Liaisoning with the other Ministries/Depts. On O&M-related issues. 

  10. Monthly summary of imp. Events - DO letter from CRB to the Cabinet Secretary, Principal Secretary to PM.  

  11. Notification & application of 1. Allocation of Business Rules, 1961 and 2. Transaction of Business Rules, 1961 (as published by the Cabinet Secretariat) 

  12. Rationalization of structures and procedures suo moto or on request from different branches and clarifications on Office Procedure

  13. Level jumping/channels of submission of cases and their level of disposal. 

  14. Various aspects relating to the Records Management 

  15. Revision of Record retention schedules  

  16. Punctuality in the Railway Board and inspections thereof 

  17. Modernization of Offices 

  18. Vetting of requirement of expensive stationery items like Fax machines etc. 

  19. Economy in expenditure

  20. Awards Functions and Nominations 

  21. Efficiency Shields

  22. Inspections 

  23. Workstudy