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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Eligibility Criteria in works Tenders

Eligibility Criteria in works Tenders
(As per GCC 2018   Click here )
Three types
1. Technical Eligibility Criteria    2. Financial Eligibility Criteri  3.  Bid Capacity
·         Difference between the Technical Eligibility Criteria and Financial Eligibility Criteria is, the former considers Similar works, where as latter considers all works (incl: similar works)

·         Bid capacity shows the Contractor's financial resources / capability of executing the  big projects   i.e., valued Rs. 20 Crores and above,  if awarded.

Technical Eligibility Criteria
v  The Tenderer must have completed similar works as prescribed below in the last 7 years, ending last day of month previous to the one in which Tender is  invited.

v  That means Tender is invited on 6th February 2019,  The last day of previous month is January 31st, 2019.  So Seven years reckoned is from 01.02.2012 to 31.01.2019

v  Various parameters for completing the similar works in last 7 years as below.
No of similar works
Percentage of Advertised value of Tender
30 % and above
40% and above
60 % and above

v  If advertised value of Tender is Rs. 20 Crores,  the tenderer is qualified in Technical eligibility criteria, if he executed in last seven years is

1.       one work of Rs. 7 Crores, Second work of Rs. 7.5 Crores and Third work is Rs. 8 Crores  (30 % of advertised work of Rs. 20 Crore  is Rs.6.6 Crores)  
2.       one work of Rs. 8.5 Crores and Second work of Rs. 10 Crores   (40% of advertised Work of Rs.20 Crores  is  Rs. 8 Crores 
3.       One work of Rs. 12 Crores above (60% of advertised work of Rs. 20 Crores is Rs. 12 Crores)

v  The above percentage are applicable to component wise in Composite works involving more than one department, i.e., Civil work, Electrical work, S&T work etc.

v  Definition of separate Component :  The component work should be more than 2 Crores each  

v  Up to Rs. 50 Lakhs work - Technical & Financial Eligibility Criteria is not required.

Financial Eligibility Criteria:

Tenderer must have received
150 % or above of the Advertised value of the Tender
Previous 3 financial years  & Current financial year up to the date of opening  of  the Tender

v      Example: Advertised Tender value is  Rs. 20 Crores.  Tender Opening date is 01.09.2018

v      The Tenderer must have received Rs. 30 Crores (150% of Rs. 20 Crores) or above during
                 the period from 01.04.2015 to 01.09.2018

v      The Tenderer should submit the Attested certificate from Concerned Dept/clients  or
                   Audited Balance Sheet duly certified by CA (Chartered Accountant)

v               Up to Rs. 50 Lakhs work - Technical & Financial Eligibility Criteria is not required.


v  Required for works costing Rs. 20 Crores and above only

v  Available Bid Capacity should be equal  or more than the Advertised value of Tender

v  Available Bid Capacity formulae  =  (AxNx2) -B

v  A = Payment received in any one Financial Year  - Maximum value of works completed as well as Works in Progress executed and payment received during the current year (up to date of opening the Tender ) and the last 3 years.

v  N = Number of Years prescribed for completion of work for which Bids / Tenders have been received.

v  B = value of existing commitments & balance amount of ongoing works with the Tenderer to be completed in next "N" years.  

Example :
·         Date of opening of Tender: 15th Feb, 2019
·         Advertised value of Tender : Rs. 100 Crores
·         N = 3 years
·         Maximum value of completed works and Works in progress of Contractor ' Ramesh' is as follows.
Completed works (Rs)
Works in progress (Rs)
2018-19 (up to 15.02.2019)
15 Crores
5 Crores
10 Crores
25 Crores
5 Crores

·         Therefore,  A of Contractor Ramesh is Rs. 25 Crores (which is maximum in any financial year of above period)

B = value of existing commitments & balance amount of ongoing works with the Tenderer Ramesh to be completed in next "N" years.  

Existing commitments & Balance amount of ongoing works
Rs. 5 Crores
Rs. 7 Crores
Rs. 3 Crores
Rs. 15 Crores

·         Therefore Contractor Ramesh's  B  = Rs. 15 Crores

·         Finally  A = Rs. 25 Crores,    N = 3 years    B = Rs. 15 Crores

·         Available Bid Capacity of Contractor Ramesh is (AxNx2) -B

= ( Rs.25 Crores x 3 years x 2)  - Rs. 15  Crores

Rs.150 Crores - Rs. 15 Crores = Rs. 135 Crores

·         Hence Contractor Ramesh is qualified to bid the works of value up to Rs. 135 Crores.