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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Integrated Budget

Integrated Budget


Integrated Budget


Revenue Budget


Works Budget


Earnings Budget


·         Source: Para 622 E (Engineering Code)


·         Object: In order to co-relate the decisions relating to Investment decisions, a consolidated Budget called Integrated Budget including Revenue Budget, Works Programme and the Machinery and Rolling Stock Programmes should be submitted by the Railways along with the preliminary Works Programme.


·         Prepared under the personal guidance of GM and with the assistance of PFA.


·          The Integrated Budget includes:


1.    Projections of Traffic and Earnings

2.    Works expenditure

3.    Revenue Working Expenses

4.    Estimated financial Results for the ensuing/ following year

5.    The projected Operating Ratio

6.    Rolling stock requirements on account of Replacement and Addition Account


·          Covering Note to the Integrated Budget:  Bring out the effect of Budget proposals on the efficiency of operations as indicated by the Operating Ratio and the financial viability of the system as revealed by the financial returns on Capital investment.


·         Revised Integrated Budget:  After discussion of the PWP – Preliminary Works Programme, a revised Integrated Budget should be submitted alongwith FWP – Final Works Programme duly taking into account the changes that might have taken place in the meantime.