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Friday, February 3, 2023





      Meaning: Right of the employee to hold a permanent post.


      Employee will hold the lien while-


1.  Performing the duties of that post,

2.  On leave,

3.  On joining time,

4.  Under suspension and

5.  On deputation to Foreign Service.


      At a time employee can hold the lien on one post only.


      In case of surrender of posts, junior most should be reverted to lower grade because he/she will not have a post to hold lien.


      In case the employee is joins other department by applying through proper channel, lien will be retained in parent department for 2 years.


      Lien in the parent organization stand terminated soon after the employee acquires lien on a post in the new organization.


      Lien in parent organization is terminated on joining new organization on immediate absorption basis.


      Lien of the employee can be transferred from one permanent post to another permanent post.