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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Engineering Plant Reserve

Engineering Plant Reserve

ü  Created for items of Plant which rendered surplus on completion of special works/schemes.

ü  On completion of special works or construction, all useful plants for which there is no demand on the OPEN LINE should be returned to this Reserve by Engineering dept to the nearest Stores depot accompanied by advice note.

ü  So that the items of plant in that reserve will be required for future special works.

ü  Created on each Railway with the previous sanction of the Railway Board.

ü  Maximum financial limit of such reserve is fixed by the Railway Board only.

ü  Engineering Dept. responsible for deciding what materials are to be maintained in that reserve.  Also responsible for arranging inspection of items plant on return from any work, such plant should be attended to and kept in readiness, for issue again, if need be.

ü  Stores Dept. responsible for  maintain the records i.e., receipts, issues and balances of the items in that reserve.

ü  Separate Priced Ledgers are maintained for such Plan represented by the No. painted on the items.

ü  Hired such plants to other Govt. Depts, Private parties:

ü  Resorted to that option, when it is used in the interest of public service.

ü  Hire charges and 12.5 % supervision of all handling , packing, loading and unloading etc also be levied on the parties.

ü  COS is responsible for recovery of such charges.