Railway Accounts Department Examinations

Thursday, June 30, 2022

LDCE of all Departments - Major Reforms


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Selections i.e., 70% & LDCE of all Departments  

- a Major Reform

Salient features of Railway Board letter No. E(GP)2022/2/4 dated 28.06.2022

  • Conducted pan India wise i.e., for all Zonal Railways & Production Units

  • - Examination conducted by NAIR.  

  • Whereas Medical Examination & Viva-voce is conducted by respective Railways / PUs

  • Only one stage i.e., MCQ  (instead of two stages Prelims & Mains) 

  • Single Paper - 150 Marks  - MCQ 

  • LDCE of particular Department for all Zonal Railways / PUs will be conducted

  • on a single day only.

  • CBT - Computer Based Test  - MCQ pattern

  •  175 Questions.  Out of 175, 150 questions are to be attempted




Technical Subject

80 Marks

53 %

Official Language & GK

(may be Official Language 15 Marks & GK 25 Marks)

40 Marks

27 %

Establishment & Financial Rules

30 Marks

20 %


150 Marks

100 %

  • Qualifying Marks - 90 Marks  (i.e., 60 %) 

  • 1 Mark for every correct answer

  • ⅓ Mark deducted for every wrong answer 

  •  No change in Syllabus

  • Optional questions on Official Language Policy & Rules  - as per Para 204.3 of IREM -

  • Indian Railways Establishment Manual Volume One.

  • Extract of Para 204.3 of IREM Volume One is as follows. 

Ten  percent  of the  100  marks  prescribed  for written  examination  held  as  part  of

Selection should   be   set   apart   for  questions   on   official   language   policy   and

  official language  rules. While  the  employees  should  be  encouraged  to  attempt

  the  questions on  official   language policy  and   official   language   rules.   the  questions

  should   not   be compulsory.

(Authority :  Ministry of Railways' letter No Hindi-2010/OL-1/10/4 dated 03.07.2019)”

  •  Started in the 2022 year itself for LDCE only.  Not for Selections / 70 %. The schedule

  • for 2022 is given below. 

Tentative schedule for current vacancy cycle incl: 2022 Year - LDCE 



Advising dept wise & community wise vacancies

of LDCE quotient of ongoing

vacancy cycle by Zonal Railways/PUs to DG/NAIR

11th July, 2022

All notifications may be issued, if not issued by

15th July, 2022

Cut off date for submission of options

31st July, 2022

Finalization of Eligibility list and its notification

15th August, 2022

Pre selection training to be completed by

31st August, 2022

CBT Examination on Single Day for all Departments

Mid September

Finalization of the Panel (incl: Medical exam, Viva voce &

Assessment of APAR)

Mid October

  • From 2023 year - Modalities for conducting Selections & LDCE through CBT

  • will be issued separately. 

Note: My inference is, that the above reforms are applicable to Accounts Department too.  Why because: 

  • The first one is The letter dated 28.06.2022 clearly specifies all Departments.
  • The second one is The letter dated 28.06.2022 addressed to GMs and kind attention to PFAs & Dy.CAO/Gs
  • along with PCPOs & Dy.CPO/Gs
  • The third one is The letter dated 19.03.2019 (reference letter) addressed to GMs and kind attention
  • to PCPOs & Dy.CPO/Gs,  not addressed to PFAs & Dy.CAO/Gs
  • because it is not applicable to Accounts Department. 

NAIR - National Academy of Indian Railways


  • NAIR stands for National Academy of Indian Railways

  • Headed by Director General (the equivalent of General Manager Rank)

  • Present DG - Dr Amitabh Ojha, IRSEE (since March 2022)

  • DG is the administrative head of all the 8 Centralized Training Institutes of Indian Railways

  • Also acts as the technical head for all other training institutes/centres on the entire network of Indian Railways.

Genesis of NAIR

  • The setting of Railway Staff College at Dehradun 

  • Recommended by the Indian Railway Committee under the chairmanship of Sir William Mitchell Acworth (famous Acworth Committee) with 10 members including 3 Indians viz. Shri V.S.Srinivasa Sastri, Sri Purshottam Das Thakurdas and Sir Rajendra Nath Mookerjee. 

  • But it was closed down and IMA - Indian Military Academy came up on the same campus at Dehradun. 

  • The Railway Staff College was relocated to Vadodara in 1952

  • First Principal - Shri P C Bahl in 1952

  • Erstwhile Railway Staff College

  • Situated at Vadodara, the cultural capital of Gujarat (since 1952)

  • Originally started as a Transportation School

  • Apex Training Institute of Indian Railways 

Pratap Vilas Palace: 

  • Administrative Building of NAIR - Pratap Vilas Palace, Vadodara

  •  Pratap Vilas Palace was built by Maharaja Sayaji Rao for his eldest son Fatehsingh Rao. Construction started in 1908 and was completed in 1914 and  named after the son of Fatehsingh Rao i.e., Pratapsingh Rao 

  • Also known as Lalbaugh Palace or Prince’s Palace

  • Leased by the then British Government to Indian Railways for their use

  • 1964 - Indian Railways Purchased the property for Rs. 24.38 Lakhs. 

  • IGB certified as well as ISO 

  • Campus spread over 43 acres of lush green forest and lawns

  • Trains Probationary Officers of IRMS - Indian Railways Management Service 

  • Classroom sessions, Online sessions and blended mode 

The Major Training Programmes are as follows. 

  1. Foundation programmes for Probationary officers of IRMS

  2. Induction programmes for Probationary officers of IRMS

  3. Centralized training for Probationary officers of IRMS 

  4. Foundation Programmes for Group-B Officers of all Railway departments

  5. Induction Programmes for Group-B Officers of Stores and Personnel departments of Indian Railways.

  6. Training under ‘Strategic Leadership Programme’, ‘Strategic Management Programme’ and ‘Strategic Action Leadership Programmes’.

  7. Advanced Management Programme (AMP) for senior-level in-service Railway officers.

  8. Management Development Programme (MDP) for mid-level in-service Railway officers.

  9. Functional courses are specific to various departments of Indian Railways.

  10. Training of Trainers for Senior Instructors of various Training Institutes in Indian Railways

  11. Training programmes for foreign nationals under various schemes/tie-ups.

  12. Training programmes for Non-Railway organizations.

  13. Special Courses.

  14. Seminars, Conferences, Workshops and Webinars.

Material for MCQ

  1. Prior to Vadodara, Railway Staff College was established in Dehradun

  2. The former name of NAIR - Railway Staff College

  3. NAIR stands for National Academy of Indian Railways

  4. DG stands for Director-General

  5. DG, NAIR is the administrative head of all 8 CTIs in Indian Railways

  6. CTI stands for Centralized Training Institute

  7. Administrative palace of NAIR is located at Pratap Vilas Palace, Vadodara

  8. NAIR is situated at Vadodara, the cultural capital of Gujarat

  9. Pratap Vilas Palace was constructed by Shri Sayaji Rao Gaekwad, ruler of Maharaja of Baroda

  10. First Principal - Shri P C Bahl

  11. Present DG of NAIR - Dr Amitabh Ozha

CTIs - Centralized Training Institutes





Headed by




National Academy of Indian Railways


Director General

General for all Depts Personnel,

 Stores & Medical in particular



Indian Railways Institute of Civil Engineering


Director General

Civil Engineering



Indian Railway Institute of Signal Engineering & Telecommunications


Director General

S & T



Indian Railway Institute of Financial Management


Director General




Indian Railway Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering


Director General




Indian Railway Institute of Electrical Engineering


Director General




Indian Railway Institute of Traffic Management


Director General




Jagjivan Ram Railway Protection Force Academy, Lucknow


Dy. Inspector General