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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Cash Imprest

Cash Imprest

Authority: 1) Para No.1050 of Indian Railways Finance Code Volume 1
                     2) ACS No.83 vide Railway Board Letter No.2016/F(X)II/10/27 dated 13.03.2018
                   3) Item No.1 (A) of Part C of Model SOP (Schedule of Powers)

·         What is the meaning of Imprest in general ?  A sum of money advanced to a person for a particular purpose or  A fund used by a business for small items of expenditure and restored to a fixed amount periodically (say one month)
·         Definition of Cash Imprest by Railways is “ An Imprest is standing advance of a fixed sum of money placed at the disposal of an Individual (Officer or Supervisor) to meet the following types of expenditure.

1.       Petty Office expenses
2.       Cost of raw materials for the diet of Indoor patients of Hospitals
3.       Emergent charges which cannot be foreseen
4.       Other petty expenses up to an amount of Rs. 15,000 /- in each case subject to a certificate recorded by procuring official/Imprest holder in the format given below.
“I am personally satisfied that these goods are of the requisite quality and specification and have been purchased from a reliable supplier at a reasonable price 
·         GM has full powers in respect of sanctioning cash imprest to the Officers & Supervisors.

·         As per Model SOP, PHOD, HOD, DRM, ADRM,CWM & SAG officers in field units have full powers to sanction the Cash Imprest to the Officers & Supervisors.

·         Finance concurrence is required for fixing the Cash Imprest amount.

·         Cash imprest amount to be created purely on the need basis.

·         Cash Imprest amount to be reviewed periodically.

·         The amount of an Imprest must not be larger than is absolutely necessary.

·         It should be reckoned at the lowest possible figure calculated to suffice for meeting the office expenses.

·         Total amount of expenditure through cash imprest should not be exceeded the Budget grant for the purpose during the year.

·         The Cash Imprest holder may sanction emergent petty advances out of Imprest money placed at his disposal. ( that is Mini cash Imprest out of Cash Imprest sanctioned to the Officer/Supervisor)