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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Viva Voce - Group C to Group B


Viva Voce - Group C to Group B 

Disclaimer: The author expressly disclaims all liability concerning actions taken or not taken based on the contents of this write-up. 

Master Circular 68 

  • Consolidated instructions governing promotion from Group C to Group B.  

  • At present - orders relating to the above subject - are contained in Recruitment Rules for the concerned Departments in Chapter 2 of Section of A of IREM - Indian Railways Establishment Manual Volume 1 and in a number of orders/circulars issued by the Railway Board from time to time. 

  •  Master Circular 68 - an attempt to consolidate the instructions - for information and guidance of all concerned. 

  • While referring to this Master Circular 68, the original letter referred to therein should be read for proper appreciation and in case of doubt, the original letter referred should be relied upon as authority.  

  • Covered only the important instructions on the Subject 

  • Some instructions might not have found a place herein. It should not be deemed to have been superseded simply because of their non-inclusion. 

Viva Voce: 

  • A Latin word meaning  - the living voice. - an oral examination, typically for an academic qualification

  • DPC - Departmental Promotion Committee - 3 PHODs (1 - of concerned Dept, 2 - Personnel Dept & 3. Nominated by the GM) 


  •  SDGM or CVO - should not be nominated in DPC 


  •  If none of them (of DPC) belongs to either SC or ST, a fourth officer belonging to SC or ST holding a rank not lower than JAG - Junior Administrative Grade may be nominated from the Zonal Railway or nearby Zonal Railway or Production Unit or from Department other than Railway)  - Para 202.1 of IREM  


  • If in any case, it is not possible to include SC or ST officer in the DPC, the reasons should be recorded in writing.  

  • Marks - 50 (for Selections and LDCE) - Letter No. E(GP)88/2/111 dated 20.8.1991

Record of Service (APAR)

Viva Voce

Maximum Marks

25 Marks

25 Marks


15 Marks

Qualifying - overall

30 Marks

Record of Service - 25 Marks   

  • On the basis of APARs - Annual Performance Appraisal Reports (Confidential Reports) and relevant service records.  The integrity of character - Special consideration.  Para 204.7 of IREM 

  • Last 5 years APARs 


  • Points for APARs





Very Good




Good/Not Fit




Below Average


Calculation of Marks in APAR  - Model example of Mr. X of FY 2021-22

Part I

Part II - Special Attributes (Last page of APAR)

Overall Rating 

(Remarks by the Reviewing Officer - DRM or Dy.HOD)






Qualities of Leadership

Capacity to take decisions on matters of competence 

Willingness to take shoulder higher responsibility

Ability to inspire confidence, guide, motivate and obtain the best out of the staff

Ability to enforce discipline

Very Good



Below Average


Very Good








{  3+5+1+2+4 = 15 }   15/5  =  3

Average of Part I and Part II =  4 + 3 = 7     7/2  = 3.5 Marks  

The Marks of APAR for the year 2021-22 of Mr X is 3.5 Marks

The other four years of APAR were also calculated. 

  • First 2 APARs -  Not Fit  - earn 2.5 Points each  

  • Last 3 APARs = Not Fit - earn 3 Points each


  • Part 2 of APAR - 5 Attributes  - Average of Marks -  As follows 


  • Fit for Promotion - Minimum of 15 Marks from the last 5 APARs  and should have been rated as “Fit for Promotion in the last APAR. 


  • Average or Not Fit rating in the last APAR - treated as Grey Area irrespective of the points obtained.  


  • The overall grading of APAR is considered, not the final gradings given.  

  • APARs of equal number of years in respect of all employees considered for promotion. 


  • More than One APAR - in any year - all APARs for the relevant year shall be considered together as the APAR for one year. 


  • If one or more APARs have not been written or are not available - the APARs of the earlier years including those earned in the lower grades may be taken into account to complete the requisite number of APARs required for assessment. 


  • No extra weightage - where the employees are working in the next higher grades on the officiating basis and have earned APARs in that Grade. 

Viva Voce - 25 Marks

  • What is to be assessed? -   Personality, Address, and Qualities of Leadership.  But not professional ability.  (Professional ability through questions with a practical basis is assessed in case a Written test is not held for adjudging the professional ability only)  - Para 204.6 of IREM 


  • Also called a Personal Interview

Tips for Viva Voce 

  • 80/20 thumb rule:  80 percent - Focus on yourself and 20 percent - Focus on the subject. 

  •  Relax, relax, relax, relax.  Nothing to lose, if you are not secured the requisite marks to land up in gazetted post.  Because you are sure about your current job.  So it's not a life and death question.  


  • Don't revise your studies between the result of the written examination and viva voce. Because your knowledge is already tested in a Written examination. 

  •  Have fun on the day of Viva Voce.  If possible go to a movie or an interesting vacation the day before viva voce. 

  •  Discuss burning topics with friends or colleagues.  


  • Showcase / Describe your strengths if any without hesitation to the Interview Board members in terms of the post/department to which you are going to be selected or work. Because it is the right place to showcase the same.  But it should be genuine, not boasting.  


  •  The dress should be formal. If possible with light colors. Go as you feel comfortable. Some are comfortable with tuck and some are not.  Don’t try the new one, just because Board members may feel it. 


  • Don’t bluff, if you know half knowledge of any question you may face in the interview.  Just say “I don’t know please”.  Because it's not possible to know everything like an encyclopedia.  


  • Don’t apologize for not knowing the answer. 


  • Be polite.  


  • Maintain eye contact with the Members of the Interview Board. Don't stare down.  

  • Take a deep breath before entering the room. 

  • Telling the interviewer more than he needs to know could be a fatal mistake. 

  • Don’t talk too much 

  • Not exhaustive. 

  • Remember to maintain eye contact (which does not mean a stare-down). 


  •  Focus on your attributes.