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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Single Tender in Works Contracts

Single Tender in Works Contracts

·         Sources: 1214-A of Engineering Code (Railway Board letter no. 97/CE.I/CT/32 dated 19.01.2000)


·         Awarded under the following situations:


1.       Accidents, breaches involving dislocation to traffic.

2.       Works of specialized nature (subject to personal approval of GM/CAO(C) with prior concurrence of FA&CAO/PFA(C) . For works of specialized nature pertaining to Open line, personal approval of GM is required with prior concurrence of FA&CAO.

3.       Any other situation, inescapable to call for single Tenders /single quotation subject to GM's Personal Sanction with PFA's concurrence.

4.       AMC - Annual Maintenance Contract for equipment incl: small track machines on OEMs - Original Equipment Manufacturers / Authorised dealers of OEMs with AGM's approval.

5.       Works pertaining to doubling, Traffic facility, New lines, gauge conversion and railway electrification projects, which are targeted for completion in the current financial year subject to:

A.      CAO/C & CAO/RE - Up to Rs. 5 Crores

B.      Personal concurrence of FA&CAO/C

C.      Tender Committee should be at least at SAG Level

D.      As per instructions of Railway Board for specific financial year.


Note: These powers may be delegated by GMs in consultation with PFA to PHODs/DRMs up to a maximum of Rs. 5 Lakhs per item per annum.  On re-delegation, these powers would be exercised by PHODs/DRMs in consultation with associate finance.


·         The Tender Committee composition and the accepting authority should be at least one step higher than the members nominated in case of Open Tenders/Limited Tenders except where G.M. is the accepting authority.


·         The following points are to be bear in mind before resorting the Single Tender:

1.        It is in the public interest.

2.       The Demand is urgent.

3.       No other suitable contractor is available to execute the work.

4.       Reasons should be recorded as to why single Tender is being resorted to in preference to limited Tenders.

5.       To be operated in times of cyclone, floods, accidents, sabotage, enemy action, explosions, cases of extreme urgency such as works or supplies necessary to safeguard life or property or repair damage to track caused by flood breaches, washaways, accidents or other unforeseen contingency so as to maintain through communication.

6.       Lighting, transhipment, hiring of plant, machinery, and equipment (including communication equipment) in cases listed above under item No. 5.

7.       Report to GM is necessary for incorporating it in the annexure to the PCDO

8.       The discretion to classify any item of work as one of extreme urgency for the purpose should be exercised personally by the DRMs.



Thursday, April 23, 2020


IR-WCMS - Indian Railways Works Contract Management System

·         Source: Click for Railway Board Letter dated 21.04.2020

·         Developed by CRIS

·         Web enabled application ( i.e., work on any device that can run on a supported browser and has an active Internet connection)

·          hosted on https://ircep.gov.in/

·         Applicable from 01.05.2020 for all new works in Engineering Dept

  • Integrated with IREPS for importing data and IPAS for release of payment to contractors.

·              Covers:   all the activities associated with contract handling which inter-alia include the following:

    1. Submission of Performance Guarantee
    2. Preparation & signing of contract agreement
    3. Billing and its integration with IPAS for Payment
    4. NS items preparation and sanction

e.      Variation statement preparation and sanction

f.        Extension of DOC (Date of Completion)

g.       Release of PG/SD

h.      Correspondence between Railways with contractors

·              The e-module for Zonal Contracts has also been developed.

·         IR-WCMS not applicable for

·         Contracts having provision of contractor's measurement

·         Composite contracts having scope of Elect. & S&T works also

·         Contracts having provision for release of advances to contractors

·         The modules for above are also under development and shall be launched soon.

·          In the First phase, Engineering Dept of 17 Divisions  in Indian Railways already implemented. 

·         Board has been decided to extend this e-application to all new works awarded on or after 01.05.2020 in Engineering Dept of all the Divisions in Indian Railways.

·           Exemption - Applicable of WCMS   - With DRM's personal approval with reasons recording.

·           In any case, Works Contract shall not be handled both manually and on IR-WCMS.

·              Only new contracts shall be handled on IR-WCMS. The ongoing contracts shall continue to be handled manually.

·              However TC (Tender Committee) proceedings and LOA need to be through IREPS only.  Later the same may be imported to IR-WCMS.

·              Since railway clerical staff, supervisors and contractors would be operating IR-WCMS, officers who have already been trained by CRIS shall provide necessary training to them.

·              Being a financial application, officers are strictly advised not to share their passwords with others and keep digital key in their personal custody.

·              Final phase - The IR-WCMS in Engineering dept should be replicated to other depts i.e., Electrical, S&T, Mechanical also by 30.06.2020.  Training of Officers & staff of other depts should be impart by the Officers of Engineering Dept.

·              Following users have been created as Administrator and they can further create other users as per requirements. Users are advised to change the password immediately after first login :


Login ID


Example for

"Firozpur" divison

         <Div                           FZR


sdenc<div code>




adrminfra<div code>




sdfm<div code>




·              IR-WCMS would assist officers, staff as well as contractors to a large extent in efficiently managing works contracts.

·              For any assistance in operating IR-WCMS, officers may kindly contact the following officials:



Contact Number

Shri S P Ojha

Sr.Project Engineer/CRIS


Shri A Rehman



Shri P S Gupta

EDCE/G, Railway Board