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Saturday, November 4, 2023

Counter Offer

Counter Offer
(Most important short notes question for General expenditure paper)

In simple  terms
·         'A' makes an offer to sell his car to 'B' at a price of Rs.3 lakhs.  B gives acceptance conditionally saying that he wants to purchase that car at Rs.2.5 lakhs.  This conditional acceptance is not valid, hence there is no contract.  This is nothing but, B's counter offer to A.

·         That means conditional  acceptance or partial acceptance is none other than called as Counter Offer.
In Railways
·          In cases where the overall value of L-1 is reasonably good, but the rates(s) for certain item(s) in a schedule happen to be higher than those quoted by other tenderers in the same tender or higher than the last accepted rates,

·          the method of counter offering the lower rates(s) obtained in the same tender considered reasonable by Tender Committee may be adopted while finalizing the tender.


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