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Friday, May 26, 2023

CRIS – Centre for Railway Information Systems

CRIS – Centre for Railway Information Systems

  • IT Arm of Indian Railways

  • Initially established as Central Organisation for Computerization of freight operations in 1982.

  • CRIS was set up as Society in 1986 (an autonomous organisation)

  • Hqrs: New Delhi

  • Headed by MD – Managing Director

  • Regional Offices: New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and Secunderabad.

  • Staff – 800 approx

  • Planning to set up a State of the art Data Centre to house the Indian Railways IT System.  

  • Foray into International projects by entering into an MOU with a sister organization of another national Railway.

  • Chairman: Shri Piyush Goyal, Minister of Railways.

  • Members: 12 (includes CRB, FC, Member Traffic, Member, Traction, MD/CRIS) 

  • Approximately 50 projects are on hand at CRIS

Successful projects so far 

  1. PRS – Passenger Reservation System

  2. UTS –Unreserved Ticketing System

  3. FOIS – Freight Operations Information System

  4. COA – Control Office Application

  5. CMS – Crew Management System 


Projects at a Glance 

Ticketing & Passenger Services 

  1. PRS – Passenger Reservation System

  2. NGet – Next Generation e-Ticketing

  3. UTS – Unreserved Ticketing System

  4. NTES – National Train Enquiry System

  5. Rates Branch System

  6. Indian Railways Web Portal

  7. Web enabled Claims and Refunds

  8. PMS – Parcel Management System

  9. Handheld Terminal Project for TTEs

  10. PRS Data warehouse

  11. CMS – Coaching Maintenance Management

  12. NGeT Journey Planner 

Freight and Operations 

  1. FOIS – Freight Operations Information System

  2. ICMS – Integrated Coaching Management System

  3. COA – Control Office Application

  4. CMS – Crew Management System

  5. RTIS – Realtime Train Information System

  6. Satsang

  7. Freight Maintenance Management

  8. Railnet Peering Project 

Resource Management 

  1. IREPS – Indian Railway E-Procurement System

  2. AIMS – Accounting Information Management System

  3. RPF Security Management System

Asset management 

  1. TMS – Track Management System

  2. WISE – Workshop Information System

  3. EEMS – Electrical Energy Management System

  4. TDMS – Traction Distribution Management System

  5. Automatic Wagon Identification using RFID

  6. Geographical Information System

  7. SMMS – Signalling Maintenance Management System

  8. SLAM – Software for Locomotive Asset Management 


  1. Locoshed Management System

  2. Network Management System for UTN & FOIS

  3. ICF ERP Project


  1. Enhanced Coaching Refund System

  2. SMS Gateway for IR

  3. IRPSM – Indian Railways Projects Sanction & Management

  4. ROIS – Railway Officers Information System

  5. Reference and File Management System

  6. RORACS – Rail-Road Crossing GAD Approval System

  7. RESS - Railway Employee Self Service

  8. Comprehensive Payroll Processing System

  9. PSAMS – Private Siding Approval & Monitoring System

Final conclusion is: It is high time to ponder about the Single Software Program covering all the above activities for seamless flowing of all data across all the Departments and all the staff at one go by calling Global Tenders or the Project can be taken up by CRIS itself. (like Infosys’s Finacle Core Banking software for Major Banking organizations in the World like SBI) 


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